About us

Bamika Institute of Higher Education


This institution was established in 2013 by assiduity & cooperation of some lettered people of Bamian & support of respected Member of Parliament from Bamian province, ( Alhaj-Abdul-Rahmaan Shaheedani).


The historical & cultural background of Bamian province

it’s geographical & population structure exclusivity, appointed the founders of this institute to achieve the goal of culture and knowledge ascending, among the knowledge lover people of this homeland, like:

identification & growth of human capacities,

Elimination of deprivation from face of this province by publication & distribution of awareness & knowledge to ascent the position of this province’s people at country level.


Years of deprivation,

systematic discrimination,

rule of denominational view in central government &

economical atrophy of these areas’ people, have opposed the directors of this center to so many challenges, like;

lack of expert & educated human resources,

lack of needed scientific sources for current students of this center,….

Geographical situation

Bamika higher education institute is active in Bamian, a central province.

People of Bamian are knowledge lover; despite of all barriers, they have kept the light of knowledge bright.

They Sanctify schools and madrasas,

they are thirsty for knowledge and learning & divaricate of ignorance.

Educational & cultural programs

Though investment in research is thought idle in Afghanistan, but Bamika Higher Education Institute has proceeded to publish its scientific magazine by believing on apostolate of a scientific and academic center that is bound to produce knowledge & naturalizing it beside training & educating.

This magazine under the title of “Bamika Scientific Magazine” is published by this institute’s professional professors, which is printed one series in each semester, beside publication of scientific magazine;

Student’s periodical is printed & published by this institute to empower the writing capabilities of students.

Scientific & cultural sessions are conducted, adequate to scientific & cultural events.

Establishment of legal clinic is one of these activities in this center.

Devotion towards cooperation with other universities

This institute is established by goal of capacity building of human resources & expansion of education & wisdom, so we welcome every kind of cooperation with scientific & cultural centers of other countries;

These cooperation’s might include:

Scientific capacity building cooperation & providing research ground for both parties.

Granting scholarships to teachers: most of the teachers in Bamika higher education institute have bachelor’s degree or masters; we have not the possibility & capability of conducting, masters level in this institute, unless we extol the teachers grade to PhD, on these basis, granting scientific capacity building scholarships for the teachers of this institute will be supportive for didactic capacity building of this institute & finally will be counted as service power of this institute.

Organizing scientific visits: conducting such visits may contain different gains & several spiritual blessings for Bamika students.


This institute contains two faculties & four departments;

Two departments (1: prefecture & judicially department, 2: international relations) are under political & law faculty, economics faculty with its two departments ( 1: BBA and 2: national economy ).

This institute has more than (10) permanent professors who have masters or PhD degrees

more than (800) students in mentioned faculties,

Has given two rounds of graduates in above mentioned faculties.